Sturgis is a welcoming community to raise a family, retire or to get away to some of the greatest fishing, hunting and outdoor adventure near the Porcupine Forest.


Welcome to Sturgis, Saskatchewan – a community we are all very proud to call home.

We live in changing times - the world is much smaller today than it was just a few short years ago. Technology has brought the world to our doorstep, no matter where you may live. Everything you want or someplace you may wish to visit is just a few hours away. The nice thing is “you don’t have to live in the pile anymore in order to access your needs from that pile.” Have you ever asked yourself?

  • Why do I live in a city full of crime, I can’t go out for a walk in the evening with my family for fear of getting mugged and robbed?
  • Why do I breathe this foul air?
  • Why do I have to buy bottled water to drink instead of turning my kitchen tap to quench my thirst with clear, clean and cold municipal water?
  • Did I remember to lock my car when I got home?
  • Did I remember to lock my home this morning when I left?
  • Do you know and trust your neighbours?
  • The cost of living is getting prohibitive?
  • Why do I live in this pile, when I don’t have to anymore?

Times may change but our basic needs don’t change, needs like:

  • Quality of life. Enjoy every day to its fullest with family, friends and neighbours, in other words fellowship and interaction with other people.
  • A safe community to live in, 24 hours a day.
  • A healthy environment, clear air to breathe and clean quality water to drink. Plenty of green space, less stress and wilderness areas to relax and meditate in.
  • Rest and relaxation – places to play and time to work.
  • The cost of living is low.

Saskatchewan is a great province to live in, and the Town of Sturgis is proud to be part of the action. We are a very picturesque community, with the Assiniboine River flowing through our Regional Park on the south side of town and high hills on the north. Mixed agriculture (cattle and grain production) is the mainstay of the region and the Town of Sturgis is the focal point for these producers to access their fertilizer, chemical and seed requirements and market their cattle and hogs.

Good things have been happening in Sturgis, for example over the past 5 years we have seen large investments and new construction in agricultural service centers (Viterra and Hudye Soil Services), a new Sask Power District Office facility and equipment compound, the Sturgis and District Care Home opened its doors on January 1, 2005, and a major roof repair to the Sturgis Composite High School in 2006. The residents of Sturgis invested nearly $1 million in their community in August of 2006 through a Local Improvement Project and paved all the streets in town and during the summer of 2007 the local Kinsmen/Kinettes “sprinkler park” went into operation serving the needs of the very young children of our great community. In 2008 we began construction on our new $2.0 million Community Hall & celebrated the grand opening in May 2009.  According to the latest 2011 Federal Census, the town has experienced a +8% growth rate since the 2006 census was taken.

Our greatest asset is our people - our tremendous proven ability to work together on community projects is widely known and is the envy of the province. From the glacial gravel deposits of the Assiniboine River valley comes the town’s clear, excellent quality and quantity municipal water supplies.

I left the pile and came back with my wife and family 21 years ago, why? Quality of life is the answer. If we want to go anywhere, visit family or friends we just get in our car and drive or we hop on a jet and fly. We know everything back home in Sturgis is just fine, being looked after by our friends and neighbours; and if I forgot to lock the door to our home, no big deal.

Why not improve your Quality of Life, consider a move to Sturgis, Saskatchewan. You will never regret it.

Warmest regards,

Don Olson, Mayor

Town of Sturgis

p.s. The Town of Sturgis “Mission Statement” taken from our Strategic Plan says it all:

To be known and recognized as a safe, healthy, affordable and attractive community to live and work in; to promote business and industry to become the primary agricultural service center for the region.”